A Game of Thrones

Marten Jaeger

Written by his player - Eric

I was born to Llysa Jaeger; she owned a tavern on the end of town. She told me that my father had died when I was young. I don’t remember him, nothing about him. But I do remember the multitude of lovers she’s had. She had never had a shortage of men to share her bed, mostly men who came on the ships and took rooms in her tavern. After a time I grew numb to it. Mother never treated me different and she only bedded them after I slept. She thought I never knew; I did. I would wander the forest the nights she took lovers.

It was on one of these nights I heard a struggle in the common area as I returned from my wanderings. As I entered from the rear a scream rang out and was suddenly silent. She was alone on the floor, naked and bleeding from a gaping wound in her neck.

“Valyrian dagger…..bone hilt” was all she whispered as she died. The entrance to the common room door lay wide open. I sprang to the doorway, but to no avail. No one could be seen nor heard.

I was but 21 when the battle at Pike took place, and at that time was under command of the Heir Rickard Magmar. During the assault many brave men died, Nobles and smallfolk alike. I was there when Lord Rickard was slain. I saw the blow that spilled him upon the rocks, and I sat there as the battle raged around me and cradled my Lord until he died. It wasn’t until the early morning of the next day that Lord Magmar had found us. I was still in holding Lord Rickard and weeping openly now. I helped Lord Magmar load Rickard onto a cart and only then did I collapse with exaustion.

Since then, I was taken under employ of Lord Magmar for the kindness I had shown to Lord Rickard. Lord Magmar believes that it was my duty to do so, but Lord Rickard was more than my Lord, he was my friend. He had befriended me years before. He was kind and just. I should have died that day….....

Marten is Loyal to House Magmar. He had a secret friendship with Rickard and was smallfolk when he was befriended. He was only a servant but Rickard treated him with respect and in doing do Marten gave his unwavering Loyaties to House Magmar. No one knows of this friendship, in public Marten was treated as a servant and understood that that was the role.

Since the night his mother was murdered, Marten has been plagued by nightmares. However as of late, these dreams have started taking on a life of their own …



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