A Game of Thrones


The first half of this session was basically just the prologue from the novels. I pre-generated the pc’s, and added a character since I have four players, and the book only has three in this chapter. 1- Ser Waymar Royce- a young noble and leader of this ranging. 2- Gared- a veteran of more then a 100 ranges. 3- Will- a tracker and one of the best archers on the wall. 4- Tom- a rookie on his first ranging.

Will was scouting ahead and tracked a group of wildlings to a small village. At the village he discovered multiple dead bodies laying in the snow. Waiting for the others, he huddled in his furs to keep warm. Shortly there-after, Ser Waymar and the others arrived. The village was eerily silent as they scouted it. After coming out of one of the buildings, they noticed the dead bodies were missing, a cause of some alarm to the group. By this time the sun had set behind the trees to the west, and the temperature was falling fast.

As the group tried to figure out just what was happening, Will notices some dark shapes moving out of the tree-line from the south. At the same time, their horses start having a fit, and are trying to get away from the tree they’re tied up to. Gared runs over to them to try and calm them down. The others take up defensive positions in the village.

The Other was on Ser Waymar astonishingly quick, the Wights fanned out to take the rest of the group. The group started out the battle well, and came close to cutting down two of the Wights. However, the Death Grip ability of the Wights came into play. Basically whenever a human-based Wight takes damage in excess of it’s Health, it removes half the damage, takes a -1D penalty on all die rolls, but it may take two attacks each round. Ser Waymar was quickly surrounded, and was the first to fall. As he fell, he commanded the group to retreat, which the rest of the group heeded. Gared had lost two of the horses to their panic, another died fell to the Wights. The last thing he saw was Ser Waymar Royce’s glowing blue eyes emotionless look as he was run through.

Now to the start of the campaign

“Dark wings bring dark words.” Isn’t that what Winterfell’s Maester used to say when ravens arrived there? Maester Arlin will be here shortly with the ravens message. Who would send one here?

Lord Roland Magmar shivered against the cold evening wind. He felt the warmth of the arms enclose around his waist. “Winter is indeed coming my love, why don’t you come back to bed?”

“I wish I could m’lady, but I must see what news arrives with the raven.” Oh how I wish I could just stay in the warm bed with her. How lucky I was to win her heart and the ties with the Flints of Widow’s Watch.

The knock on the door brought Roland out of his thoughts. “Come in Maester.”

“My Lord, a raven from Widow’s Watch …” Roland could see the flush in his cheeks as he realized the state of undress Lady Elinora was in. “My apologies Lady.”

“Nonsense Arlin, you’ve been my Maester since I was a child.” Roland couldn’t help but watch as his lady wife walked to the bed and slip into her robe.

“Alright Arlin, what’s the news?”

“It’s Widow’s Watch my Lord, it’s … it’s been attacked.” Roland could hear the blood pounding in his ears so loudly he almost didn’t hear the gasp coming behind him from Elinora.



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