A Game of Thrones

Session Five

The Hand's Tourney

The big day arrives and the city is flush with excitement. Ser Walter and Heydon Borodin are riding in the joust. Marten is in the archery contest, and all three are fighting in the melee. Chimaera is doing his own thing during all this.

In the first round of the joust, Ser Walter unhorses Martyn Rivers, and Heydon unhorses Ser Emmon Frey.

In the second round Ser Walter unhorses Ser Arys Oakhart, and Heydon unhorses Ser Mandon Moore. The crowd appears rather astonished that two unknowns are still riding in the tourney, and murmurs rise up about Skagos Island and these two unknowns. Right before Ser Walter is to ride in the second round however, a young knight is killed in a freak accident when Ser Gregor Clegane’s lance rides up on him and strikes the young knight in the throat.

In the third round the luck goes south on our two from Skagos. Jalabhar Xho unhorses Ser Walter. The a member of the Kingsguard faces off against Haydon. As Heydon catches a glimpse of the rider he sees Ser Preston Greenfield glaring at him, and a few seconds later the crowd cheers for Ser Preston as he unhorses Heydon.

From there the joust follows the action from the book. Ser Loras comes out on his mare in heat and Ser Gregor’s horse goes crazy. Only it’s our own Heydon that comes to Loras’ rescue by throwing him his sword, which proceeds to get broken as Gregor attacks Loras. Sandor is the one who finally breaks things up when he goes up against his brother.

As this is going on, Chimaera investigates the young knight who was killed, and finds out he is a newly raised knight from the vale, and Lord Jon Arryn’s old squire!

At this point it’s getting late and King Robert calls an end to the joust for the day.

The only thing of note in the feast that night is King Robert yelling at the queen that if he wishes to fight in the melee he will, and Heydon is approached by a gentlemen from Ser Loras with a bag of Gold Crowns and his thanks for the sword.



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