A Game of Thrones

Session Five

The Grand Melee

The next morning is as glorious a day as yesterday. The sun is shining bright and warm, the birds are singing, and the wind is blowing out so the smells of the city don’t reach the jousting fields. The group witnesses an angry Kong Robert marching out of his tent with two Lannisterboys following trying to get his breastplate on, then an angrier Eddard Stark stalking out and leaving the tourney fields.

Sandor Clegane is atop his horse and waiting when Ser Loras arrives and defers the joust to him. King Robert awards the purse to Sandor.

Next came the Archery contest where our Marten Jaeger did very well finishing third to Anguy the Archer and the winner – Jalabhar Xho.

The melee starts – without the King entered. Each of our contestants quickly face off against an opponent and Chimaera sensing danger finds a “snipers” nest and watches intently. Before too long his suspicions prove correct as Marten’s opponent pulls out a dagger that was hidden and strikes at Marten, severely wounding him. Chimaera sends two crossbow bolts into the guys back, but even those don’t slow him down much. Heydon notices something wrong seeing Marten looking down at a bleeding wound dispatches his opponent and comes to the rescue as Marten tries to get out of the melee. His opponent snarls that he’s gonna finish what happened to Marten’s mother all those years ago. After the crossbow bolts and Haydon’s quick attack, he retreats and is lost in the chaos of the melee.

The melee continues down to just a few contestants. Both Heydon and Ser Walter, Jalabhar Xho (again!), a couple of Freys, and Thoros of Myr. In thge end Jalabhar Xho wins the contest for the second time that day.

That night as the group recovers from their bruises, they learn of an attack by Ser Jaime Lannister on Lord Eddard Stark. He attacked him openly on the street, killing his men and wounding Lord Eddard. After this attack, Ser Jaime has fled the city. It seems this attack was provoked by Lady Catelyn Stark taking Tyrion (Jaime’s brother) as a captive along the road to Winterfell.

Marten, wounded pretty badly in the melee, is given milk of the poppy to help him sleep and ease the pain.



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