A Game of Thrones

Session Four

The Game Begins

This session begins a few days after their meeting with Littlefinger. They awake to find Lord Eddard Stark has arrived and the King is expected shortly. After meeting with catelyn and the group he sends Catelyn and Ser Rodrik back to Winterfell to call their Bannermen to them. He then asks the group to get to the bottom of all this intrigue. 1- Who killed Lord Jon Arryn and why? 2- Why was Bran targeted and by whom? 3- Who’s dagger is the valyrian blade?

Marten is very interested in the last one, as it’s the same blade that murdered his mother. The group quickly learns they have no thrill in playing the “Game of Thrones”.

They learn several facts through questioning. 1- Lord Jon Arryn was healthy and then quickly wasted away and died. 2- Poison is possible, the Tears of Lys is a possible poison that has those effects. 3- Poison is a weapon of cowards, women, and eunuchs. 4- Lord Varys is a eunuch from the Free City of Lys. 5- Lord Arryn’s squire is still in King’s Landing somewhere. 6- Lord Arryn was reading from a book on the Lineages of the Great Houses of Westeros. Ser Walter is now in possession of the book. 7- Lord Arryn and Lord Stannis Baratheon (the king’s brother) rode alot together. Two of the places they went to was a blacksmith Tobho Mott, and a brothel. Eddard scoffs at that idea saying neither would ever go to the brothel. The group travels to each and learns that they indeed went to both locations, but only to see the blacksmith’s apprentice and a small child born to a whore. Both are unmistakably King Robert’s bastards.

The entire time in King’s Landing they feel like someone is following them. Every time they notice someone, they lose him to the crowd.

During this time, the King announces a Grand Tourney in honor of Eddard Stark – the Hand of the King. The group shows interest, and Eddard graciously sponsors them in whichever of the activities they wish to participate in.

The grand feast begins the night before the tourney. Haydon is drinking once again, when Chimaera starts to sing for the hall. The song turns bawdy and he goes down the line of the kingsguard making fun of them one at a time. The king roars with laughter at each and every verse of his song. Most of the Kingsguard show good humor and are gracious, until Chimaera comes to Ser Preston Greenfield and a verse about sheep. To which Ser Preston looks abit peeved, but then out of nowhere Heydon starts baying like a sheep really loudly – to the kings great amusement, and Ser Preston’s red face. Before too long a good number of people join in on the baying, and Ser Preston storms out.

During this time, Ser Walter and Lord Varys have a discussion. Alot is said, but very little information actually is learned from Lord Varys.



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