A Game of Thrones

Session One

Dark Wings

Heydon is called before Lord Roland, who tells him of the raven from Widow’s Watch. He explains to Haydon that he is sending him with a small number of soldiers to see if they can be of assistance to the Flint’s. Widow’s Watch is where Lady Elinora is from. As a side note, he believes Ser Walter Langley to be a good person to command such a group.

Heydon rounds up Marten Jaeger, Master of the Hunt and Horse, and Ser Walter Langley. Another fellow that goes by the name Chimaera decides to join in as well. Not much is known of Chimaera, but his singing is welcome in the cold Skagos nights, as is his more “bawdy” jokes.

Roland reveals to the group another mission to partake in, they are to deliver young Lady Lyanna (7) to Winterfell either as a ward or as a possible marriage to young Bran Stark. They are to head there from Widow’s Watch.

After preparations, the group is ready to depart via a small sailing ship to Widow’s Watch. Along the journey, Lyanna develops a friendship to the mysterious Chimaera.

Upon arrival at Widow’s Watch, the group takes the Lady Lyanna to meet her grandparents – the Flint’s of Widow’s Watch. They hear that Ramsgate, to the west, had also been hit by bandits. These bandits appear to be wearing the Bolton colors.

At Ram’s Gate, they hear the same, Bolton colors, but this time the bandits kidnapped several town women. Ser Walter and Heydon decide the best idea would be to send the rest of their forces to White Harbor with the Lady Lyanna, and to take several scouts with them and find these bandits. They will then meet where the White Knife river meets the King’s Road.



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