A Game of Thrones

Session Three

The Blood of Innocence

It’s been a few days since the injury to Bran, and he has not awoke from his coma. During this time it is announced that Lord Eddard has been named “The Hand of the King” and will be going south to King’s Landing with King Robert. Eddard has agreed to take Lyanna as a ward, and as a possible match with Bran should he awake. He is also planning on taking Lyanna south to King’s Landing with Sansa and Arya so they may grow to be sisters. He has asked Ser Walter is the group would be willing to stay on at Winterfell for a short time to help out after he leaves, to which Ser Walter accepted.

Several days after the King’s departure for King’s Landing, the wolves start howling again. This alerts the group immediately and they run out into the courtyard as a fire is discovered burning in the library. The group rushed to help, but Marten notices something – a shadow entering into the tower where young Bran is sleeping in. Curious he follows with Heydon. As they reach Bran’s room they see a man with a dagger fighting with Catelyn Stark, to Marten this dagger is very familiar. It is the same one used to kill his mother. He flies into a rage and kills the man without thinking.

The next day Catelyn Stark calls the group to her and reveals what she knows. Her sister Lyssa Arryn, widow to Jon Arryn the old Hand of the King, believes that the Lannisters murdered Jon. She also believes Bran did not fall and was pushed, that he may have stumbled across something. This is the real reason Eddard went south, so he could investigate. She has decided to travel by boat to reach King’s Landing before or at the same time as Lord Eddard, and wishes the group to come along.



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