A Game of Thrones

Session Two

The Boar's Head

Along the way, they find evidence that the bandits have started to break apart, as tracks break off several times and head to off to the north, away from the westward heading they originally took.

One night, several days out from Ram’s gate, they are startled in the middle of the night, by what sounds to be someone in the woods, not far from them. Marten, who has an animal companion – a Shadowcat – takes point. They find a young woman staggering through the woods, and she collapses and dies, as they rush to her. Likely one of the women taken from Ram’s Gate. Further investigation finds no trace of the bandits, or not enough of one to bother.

Deciding it would be best to continue to the meeting point, the group buries the young woman, and leaves. This whole time, they had been using the scouts to their advantage by having them scout ahead, and leap frog one another, so that there was always a scout ahead of them.

Upon reaching the meeting point, they find a small tavern not too far up the road – the Boar’s Head. When they reach the stables they notice a horse with some Bolton colors on it, and it sends up alarms to the group. They decide to casually walk into the tavern and scout it without drawing any attention to themselves.

In the tavern are several patrons spread out in the common room, and a table full of half-drunk braggarts. Chimaera proceeded to seduce the bar maid, and in doing so got her quite drunk. He and Heydon decide to do some scouting upstairs to the rooms. Heydon at this point is in a bad mood as he thinks he was gouged on the price of a room. He waits outside of the room taken by the leader of the group, as Chimaera and the bar maid enter the room, her drunk and him acting like it and trying to find someplace for an “encounter” of their own.

This pisses off the owner of the room (and leader of the bandits) and he starts to pick up a weapon from the floor. Heydon uses the moment of distraction to charge in and try a Knockout maneuver. He succeeds on his die roll and ko’s the man, who just happens to not be alone in his room. A woman sits up screaming in the bed and tries to cover herself. After a short interrogation, it’s revealed that they were just a small band of bandits who stole some Bolton colors. The leader (who is still unconscious) is Jassen Pyke (Pyke meaning a bastard born in the Iron Islands) and the woman is his right hand “man”. Old enmities die hard, and Heydon recognizing the last name kills her on the spot with Chimaera doing the same to Jassen. Chimaera puts the bar-maid to sleep in his room, while Heydon searches Jassen’s room and finds a shield with the Greyjoy emblem on it. He tosses it out the window and goes back downstairs.

The group meets up and decides to take Jassen’s men down as well. Hayden grabs the shield he threw outside, and they walk back in. He confronts the group, who are quite drunk at this point. They start to draw weapons, and attack. Marten lets his arrows loose, Heydon and Ser Walter charge in, and the battle is over before it even started.



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