A Game of Thrones

Session Two

When Wolves Howl

After resting for a day and a half. waiting on the arrival of the forces they sent to White Harbor, and young Lady Lyanna, the group heads to the north and Winterfell.

Now too far before reaching Winterfell, they catch a glimpse of a young boy following them off the road in the woods. They call to him to reveals himself, and he comes running out breathlessly, a second later a rather large canine follows him out and stops – glaring at the group. Marten notices the size of the paws and realizes it is still a pup, a dire wolf pup. After a short conversation, they realize they’ve been talking to the son of their liege lord, young Bran Stark. He runs off playing with his wolf.

At Winterfell, Ser Walter presents himself to Lord Eddard Stark, who invites them to dine with him in the Hall. A small feast is prepared to honor the group as allies to House Stark, and Eddard contemplates the proposal of Lord Roland’s daughter to Bran.

The next morning, the group awakes to a rather large commotion outside, the King has arrived with his wheelhouse. They catch their first glimpses of the royal household and all the many retainers following them. Marten realizes that alot of the strange images he’s been seeing in dreams correspond to banners in the King’s party. A large feast is held that night for the King. During the feast Marten takes a “doggie” bag out to feed his shadowcat, he is unhappily penned for safety. He runs into Tyrion Lannister, and they have a brief conversation about shadowcats (replaces Tyrion’s encounter with Jon Snow from the novel). Heydon continues with his drinking and Ser Walter notices that Chimaera is speaking to Kevan Lannister about something.

The next day as the King and Lord Eddard are out hunting, the wolves suddenly start to act nervous, and erupt into a sinister sounding howling. Nothing calms them down, and this has a eerie effect on the smallfolk and guards. After a time, Ser Rodrik is found and he announces to the group young Bran is missing. The group splits up to try and find him. Chimaera finds the boy laying broken at the bottom of a tower, but strangely decides to do nothing and wait to see what happens. Before too long, the rest of the group finds him. He appears to have fallen and is unconscious.



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